A New Cancer Centre
Investing in the Future of Merseyside and Cheshire

2. Greater Clinical Collaboration and Opportunities

  • Locating specialist cancer teams together on one site will mean clinicians can collaborate with each other more closely and develop their teams more flexibly as the sorts of services and treatments cancer patients need continues to change.
  • The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will put more of our clinicians within easy reach of the high-quality cancer research and development activity at the Royal Liverpool Teaching Hospital campus – including greater access to early-phase clinical trials for their patients, which means early access to new drugs and treatments.
  • Specialist cancer professionals such as doctors, nurses and radiographers are in short supply and centres have to compete for the ‘brightest and the best’. Being situated at the heart of a thriving biomedical campus, adjacent to a university and a large teaching hospital will enable The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to attract top class research and clinical staff which will lead to improved care for all patients.

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