A New Cancer Centre
Investing in the Future of Merseyside and Cheshire

4. Easier Access to Treatment

Many people with cancer will have radiotherapy as part of their treatment. At present, however, the majority of patients living in Merseyside and Cheshire travel to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Wirral for this treatment.

Although the majority of patients (67%) served by Clatterbridge live north of the River Mersey, the main site is located south of the river. Providing greater access to Clatterbridge’s expert services in Liverpool will improve access for the majority of cancer patients.

  • More patients will be a lot closer to the treatment they need.
  • Most patients south of the river will not have to travel further. Outpatient radiotherapy and chemotherapy services for the more common cancers – such as breast and prostate – will continue to be provided at the current Clatterbridge site for local patients. Only those patients who need more complex treatment, or an overnight hospital stay, will need to travel to the new centre in Liverpool.

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