A New Cancer Centre
Investing in the Future of Merseyside and Cheshire

1. Better Care for the Sickest Patients

Creating a new cancer centre adjacent to the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital will ensure the sickest patients have smooth access to the full range of medical skills and facilities they might need - including surgery and intensive care.

While many cancer patients are treated as outpatients at clinics (meaning they just visit the hospital for their treatment without having to stay overnight) or in radiotherapy facilities, others will need a hospital bed and additional medical support during their treatment.

This is usually because they have other serious illnesses in addition to their cancer; they are sicker and suffer side effects and complications more easily, or because they are having radiotherapy and chemotherapy at the same time. As cancer care continues to improve and the general population ages, there are more active treatments available to a wider range of patients.

Care of older patients or patients with other health issues often requires a team of medical specialists. Ready access to these other specialists is not always feasible from the Clatterbridge site. Cancer patients who deteriorate and become very poorly during their treatment at Clatterbridge are currently transferred by ambulance to Arrowe Park Hospital five miles away. While this is clinically safe, it is clearly not ideal.

The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will provide access to the best specialists in one place.

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