A New Cancer Centre
Investing in the Future of Merseyside and Cheshire

3. A Growing Role for Research

Merseyside and Cheshire already have a well-established cancer research network and our region consistently exceeds national targets for recruiting cancer patients into clinical trials.

In 2009, Liverpool became one of a prestigious chain of 10 Cancer Research UK Centres.

The future looks even brighter as detailed plans are currently underway for a major expansion of the University of Liverpool Cancer Research Centre (ULCRC) – a purposebuilt, £20 million facility adjacent to the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital. New drug developments rely on carrying out 'phase 1 and 2' studies, which must be carried out in a unit with immediate access to acute inpatient facilities including Intensive Treatment Units (ITUs) and are therefore not possible on the current Clatterbridge site.

Location on the same site as the university/clinical trials unit in Liverpool gives a greatly improved potential for research and development, which is vital for improving outcomes of all cancer patients.

  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is physically isolated from this important and growing research community.
  • By investing in new facilities, run by Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, on the new Royal Liverpool Hospital site, all patients, including those from Wirral and Western Cheshire, will benefit from more opportunities to take part in internationalstandard research and clinical trials.

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